“So… do you want us to get back together?”

That was one of the questions I didn’t want to answer just yet, but I did. It was difficult to say no, especially when you still love the person who asked… especially when you still want the relationship to work.

Yes, I said yes. Even when I said “If it’s not a mutual feeling, I don’t want it,” it still meant a yes. Even when he said, “But I don’t think I’ll be a good boyfriend,” I still gave him the feeling that it’s his loss not to get back with me. Even after a month of getting back together, it is still the same thing: we’re still on that same boat going to an unknown place.

But even when I was faced with nothing but uncertainty, I still chose to side with my heart, and all it did was to shout that I love him enough to want him back in my life.

Enough to take the risk and try again with love. This love. Our love.

So here’s to all the second, third, fourth and a lot more chances we have ever given in this lifetime, deserving or not! *cheers*


2 thoughts on “Second.

  1. I don’t ever think choosing love can be wrong. Either way, you get something out of it. I commend you on your bravery and offer you this quote as you go along this journey.

    “For you, a thousand times over”
    ― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

    That’s what love is like, methinks. And even if you fall flat on your face after, at least no one can say you didn’t try. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the support! 😀 I hesitated numerous times in posting this but my I-don’t-care-if-they-think-I’m-fickleminded attitude reigned. Haha.


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